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Our Mission

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Our Story

Mohamed Ghalib Musa is the founder of the site and the chief editor. Somaliland Net site is one of the first Somalilanders meeting place on the internet for news, chatting and information.

The site was established in 1998 to promote Somaliland people and culture and advocate for Somaliland to achieving recognition to join the international community as a full member and contributor.

Our Approach

Somaliland today is one of the top African countries that embarrassed technology and Somaliland Net is leader in the integration of technology to the society, connecting to the internet is not enough anymore for the younger generations these days you require a lot more bandwidth to be able to (you tube) stream decent quality videos.

We consulate and encourage International Institutions and Government to make the accessibility of internet access easier. High speed internet that is affordable is choice the consumer is after.

We are also encourage harvesting the natural energy of our planet, such as wind power and solar energy. Whit the help of the International community we will be able to creates projects that will make this a reality. Green Somaliland is the Key.

We understand that in today’s world where information and social media is power, to use the internet the best way we know how and use the latest technology along.  Information is  power it’s absolutely necessary for every organization to have a presence at the internet.

We are committed to promote and inform the public of any risk that may damage the  safety and security of Somaliland. To protect the public from price hiking and internet censorship.

Respecting the Human Rights are our priority and safe guarding and protecting our environments. We are against tribalism, nepotism and corruptions. We support the Unity and the decisions of the majority of Somalilanders to stand alone. We are advocate in narrating the History of Somaliland to the younger generation so they will understand how Somaliland was established.

We will express our concern and point out the Right and the Wrong in our society, it's our responsibility to rely only news and information that is well investigated before publishing.

Meet the Team

Our Team are dedicated people from all over the globe that we relay on their news and information on Somaliland and in the Horn of Africa in general. They are behind our Success and achievement. We encourage anyone to join our team, you don't have to be a reporter to join us and be a contributor, editor or a moderator. It's open door policy for everyone who will like a challenge.

Why? Because we care about the people of Somaliland.

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Mohamed Ghalib Musa - CEO and Founder of Somalland Net.
Editor and regular contributer

Founder and Chief Editor and Contributer
Mohamed Ghalib Musa

Our Goals...

The success of the Nation depend on the Unity of the People of Somaliland and to focus on the main picture. United we will stand Divided we fall.