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Mohamed Ghalib Musa is the founder of Somaliland Net and the chief editor. It's a human thing to work to together to achieve a common Goal and objectives, Let us work together and we will succeed.

Somalia: How Colonial Powers drove a Country into Chaos

Somalia: How Colonial Powers drove a Country into Chaos | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization Somalia had every reason to succeed: an advantageous geographical situation, oil, ores and only one religion and one language for the whole territory; a rare phenomenon in Africa.  Somalia could have been ...

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The defeat of the Somali Dictator Mohamed Siyad Bare

In January 1991, after a concentrated two-month assault on Mogadishu by insurgents, Somalia's President Mohammed Siad Barre and the remnants of his regime were forced to seek refuge in their traditional clan area in the southwestern corner of the country. With the end of Siad Barre's twenty-year-old dictatorship, it was ...

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Somaliland: Who is the wolf in a sheep Clothing

  The Ethiopian Wolf. The Denial of the government of Somaliland on the big gap between the society and the corruptions that has increased steadily is the responsibility of Kulmiye the current ruling party and under the watchful eye of President Silanyo. Silanyo is indeed a mastermind of many things ...

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Somaliland: Power to the Poor People of Somaliland

Somaliland Independent day Celebration for May,18 Day By Mohamed Ghalib Musa A popular variation of the slogan is “Power to the Poor People!” the slogan to express the need for poor people to control their own movements rather than have wealthy donors or NGOs control or speak for them. In ...

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The Waiting Game of the Somaliland Hyena

By Mohamed Ghalib Musse Somaliland Net It is very imperative for every Somalilander to realize that our politicians are playing a game with the future of every Somaliland citizen. Today our society is both fragmented and infected with a disease called “Tribalism and Corruption”. It has spread to every corner ...

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