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Somaliland: Come to Somaliland and enjoy our Hospitality

Come to Somaliland and Discover your self and find out something new that you never knew before, we welcome anyone to come and visit Somaliland the Land of Milk and Honey. If you are Interested into coming to Somaliland and experience a white Sandy beaches and  a warm welcome from friendly ...

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Somali TV

Watch Somali TV Somali TV, generally speaking Somali’s are very new in this old technology that is called TV, most of our neighbors in East Africa have been experiencing with the broadcasting of  TV for many decades, To give you an idea and what to expect when you are watching ...

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Caku Talo Adduunyoy

Dec 31 2007 – Archives Somaliland Net – Calaamadi, waa tii wax tilmaanta. Saadaali, run iyo been mid ayay noqotaa. Aragga iyo maqalku, isku si maskaxda raad ugagama wada tagaan. Xasuus, wax kugu reeba. Sibiq, wax kugu dhaafa. Wax aad danayso. Wax aad qushigii tidhaa. Qof kuu badheedha. Ruux ku ...

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