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Biometrics expert is helping to ensure an honest election in Somaliland

Somaliland in 2017 election will be using the Bio-metric Voting System which in practice can be fraud free if used probably by trained professional specially in the field of Technology. This article below will explain the term of bio-metric election how safe it is and can it be tamper with it. The self-declared ...

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  Appeal for Humanitarian Emergency Support for the Drought Affected Populations of Somaliland Republic. To: The International Donor Community To: The Relevant UN Agencies To: The International Charitable Organizations   The severe drought which is presently affecting the major part of the Somaliland rural population has been gathering momentum for ...

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Project Corruption

Corruption\Somaliland Bunch Corruption in the Face - The Matrix Revolutions - 2003 Awesome movie. Project Corruption Elimination The ten most corrupt: List in 2016 North Korea and Somalia & Somaliland (tied) Afghanistan. Sudan. Angola and South Sudan (tied) Iraq and Libya (tied) Haiti, Guinea-Bissau and Venezuela (tied) Eritrea, Syria, Turkmenistan and ...

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Hargeisa: Hargeisa Water Shortage Dilemma and Subsurface DAM

Project Hargeisa Water shortage. Water Shortage in Hargeisa is a never ending dilemma that existed then and still exists in Hargeisa the Capital and the largest city in Somaliland. What is the problem that is dragging this project all these years. If you search Google for the key word Hargeisa ...

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