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Hargeisa City the Capital of Somaliland

Hargeisa is situated in a valley in the Galgodon (Ogo) highlands, and sits at an elevation of 1,334 m (4,377 ft). Home to rock art from the Neolithic period, the city is also a commercial hub for precious stone-cutting, construction, retail services and importing/exporting, among other activities.

Mignifisent over view of Hargeisa city, the capital of Somaliland Hargeisa (Somali: Hargeysa, Arabic: هرجيسا‎‎ is the second largest city in Somaliland it is the capital of the Republic of Somaliland, which is internationally recognized as a autonomous region of Somalia.

During the Middle Ages, Hargeisa was part of the Adal Sultanate's domain. The city later succeeded Berbera as the capital of the British Somaliland protectorate in 1941. In 1960, the protectorate gained independence and united as scheduled days later with the Trust Territory of Somaliland (the former Italian Somaliland) to form the Somali Republic (Somalia) on July 1, 1960

Daalo Mountains Sanaag

Buuraha Daalo, Sanaag Somaliland, Dhulka ugu quruxbadan ayaa ku yaala gobolka Sanaag.

Daalo Is in Sanaag region of Somaliland and it is an amazing place with a lot of natural resources. It's a perfect get way place for camping and outdoors actives.

Daallo or as it is officially known, Golis range mountains are located near the town of Erigavo, in the middle of the Sanaag region in Somaliland. Daallo Mountains have an elevation of some 4000 feet and the distance to the white-sand beach of Mayd, which is a paradise for lobster and fish lovers, is around 45 kilometers.

Sanaag, including Daallo, was historically inhabited by the ancient ancestors of most of the original Somali tribes. Compared to other parts of Somalia, which have often faced severe deforestation, Daallo is a totally unique place with its 60-miles-long thick forest comprising over 3000 different trees, shrubs and plants such as: Adenium, Damas tree, Green juniper, Acacia mellifera, Hayramat and Mooli flowers, Agave tree, Aloe vera, Buxus forest stand, Mira, and fruits of Dosoq(Buxus hildebrandtii) and other trees.

Photos: Courtesy of Abdinasser Ahmed Adam