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Good Travel Information and Advice.

Good Travel information  and advice to know when you are traveling Home


As the holidays / travel season approaches, I wish to forward some guidelines thought to be necessary for the (would be) travelers to consider before commencing their journey home. These notes are based on my own experience and knowledge in the field and shouldn’t at all be interpreted as a binding legal material.

Fly Dubia Touches down Hargeisa Airport.
Fly Dubai Touches down Hargeisa Airport.

From overseas now you can fly to Hargeisa from any destination in world easily, sure the trip is  long from where I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada eh, 22 hours, Vancouver to Toronto – Ethiopian airlines direct flight to Addis Ababa about 11 hours but now I have the choice to fly from Seattle Washington with the Emirates airline to Dubia than Hargeisa and the bonus is you will pick up your luggage in Hargeisa.

Many international airlines operate now days in Somaliland such as Ethiopian Airlines, The Emirates, Daalo Juba and may be the Turkish Airlines will join the competition soon and that is again a good thing for the consumer and the economy, the more the competition the better price deals you will find. Good Luck.

Addis Ababa Ethiopia a fun city for layovers.
Oh Addis Ababa Ethiopia a fun city for layovers.

1.General. (Facts you should know)

1.1.Check your ticket fare, whether excursion or normal and the duration of validity plus the free baggage allowance (normally bet.30-50Kgs allowance are providedon these routes), all flights from DXB or SHJ are Y/Class (economy class) only. Sorry, In these capsules all men & women are equal as first and business class cabins aren’t available. The four airlines serving the country at the current, are Ethiopian (ET), Daallo (D3), Damal (DML) and Star Airlines (STA). All accompanying children should be vaccinated against contagious diseases in advance and preventive anti-malaria tablets should be readily made available, for best results consult your local doctor. RQ, Regional Airline, a subsidiary of BA will soon resume schedules services between Nairobi (NBO) and Hargeisa.

1.2.Check that your transit time at the intermediary point (ADD, DXB, and SHJ) meets the minimum connecting time to final destination, or if transit visa required. If you are holding a travel document of any kind or unaccompanied children are traveling on one of their parent’s passport, it’s better to assure your immediate connection as such passengers aren’t normally allowed to disembark at either DXB or SHJ airports (if necessitated).

1.3.Upon checking-in at the departure point, be sure whether your luggage is checked through to final destination or to the intermediary airport only and safe-keep the appropriate labels (tags). In the case of baggage checked through to final destination, make sure that the interline staff, handling your flight at Dubai/Addis airport are provided with the baggage tag numbers (only) so that they expeditiously transfer it to the connecting flight without fail (most of the luggage are lost/mishandled at that point), if however your baggage are checked to the transit airport only, same must be identified physically and rechecked to the connecting flight and obtain new labels. All baggage labels must be kept in a safe place at all times and at no circumstances be left behind with the airline staff, as it’s the only official document to claim for tracing or compensation in the future. Any accompanying freight should be cleared same day.

1.4.Any mishandled / lost baggage should immediately be reported after arrival, to the concerned airline (on most cases a claim form has to be filled). Owing to the competition in the air travel industry and to safeguard the passenger interests, IATA, ICAO and many international organizations and governmental establishments (and lesser degree IAPA), have developed guidelines and encourage the payment of compensations to passenger inconveniences or damages caused due to mishandling or total loss of their belongings / properties. When such mishaps are encountered same must be officially claimed through the airline or agent. Generally and since the introduction of certain penalties to the air carriers, substantial improvements to the quality of services have been observed worldwide, it’s time that we should form part of that world too. It’s advisable to solicit your claim/s through the appropriate Civil Aviation Authority, if such a facility does exist. Recent monitoring indicate, positive steps in the offing (thanks to constant agitation).

NB. Make sure to carry smaller notes of cash (foreign currency) to be exchanged at the airport of arrival to facilitate your immediate needs and other Governmental levy requirements.

2. Facilitation During Transit.

2.1. Dubai airport is the main hub and gateway of the Gulf. The airport is efficiently maintained and classified as no delay airport, departure gates are closed ten minutes prior to the scheduled departure time, however, the ground staff of DNATA,the agency responsible for handling of passengers and baggage (personnel form the sub-continent), give low priority and neglect the flights departing from terminal II (DXB, has two terminals; flights to Somaliland/ Somalia/ Djibouti & parts of Iran operate from terminal II), unfortunately, the Somali carriers lack the right caliber to strictly supervise these personnel, for the interest of their customers /business and in-order so receive the service they deserve.

3. Airport Abbreviations (IATA 3 letter codes).

-.Berbera – BBO

-.Borama – BXX

-Burao – BUO

-.Erigavo – ERA

-.Hargeisa – HGA

-.Lasanod – -.Lasanod –

3.2.Regional Transit Airports

-.Addis Ababa – ADD

-.Dubai – DXB

-.Sharjah – SHJ.
4. Return Reconfirmation.

Due to the rush period and limited facilitation, all passengers should reconfirm their return sectors with the concerned airline/agent at least one week prior to the travel date. Occasionally returning flights got delayed, thus leading the transit passengers to other destinations miss their connection, which might involve extra expenses for accommodation or payment of the fare differences, such expenses should be borne by the carrier that brought the passenger and not the customer as wrongly practiced.

Truly, Abdulrahman H.A.Ismail Kuwait.


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