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Two Young Somalilanders in Hargeisa Streets on the May 18 celebration.

Historical Facts interesting articles and books.


In here we learn about he past history of our country before and after the colonial powers era. Articles from our archives and Historical facts on the internet will be listed here from time to time.

Interesting book on the theory of the origin of the Somali race.

C. P. Rigby

Transactions of the Ethnological Society of London

Vol. 5 (1867), pp. 91-95

Published by: Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland

DOI: 10.2307/3014215

Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/3014215

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Another interesting theory about the origin of the Somali people.

Ethnic Origins of the Somali People and clan system

  • Ethnic Origins of the Somali People

  • Founding the Somali Ethnic Group

  • The Clan Structure of the Somali People

A.4.1 Ethnic Origins of the Somali People

Almost all of the many different ethnic groups on the Horn of Africa trace their origins on the male side either

  • as Hamitic people back to Ham, the second son of Noah or

  • as Semitic people back to Shem, the first son of Noah.

The Somali people are one of several Hamitic ethnic groups in East Africa known as Cushites, descendants of the Kingdom of Cush. Their language is also one of several related languages referred to as Cushitic languages. As Hamites, they probably migrated from the Arabian Peninsula sometime earlier. One can   speculate that the Kingdom of Cush was originally founded by Cush, the first son of Ham, who was the second son of Noah.<104> According to the       elders of the Beja ethnic group in Ethiopia, another Cushitic ethnic group, they do explicitly claim to be descendents of Cush, the son of Ham, the  son of Noah.

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VII. — On the Origin of the Somali Race, which inhabits the 
North-eastern portion of Africa. By Col. C. P. ElGBY. 

[Read Feb. 27th, 1866.] 

The north-eastern portion of Africa, which is embraced between 
the Straits of Bab-el-Mandel and Cape Guardafui, and thence as far 
south as the equator, is inhabited by tribes composing the great 
Somali race, which differs from all other African races in feature, 
language, and customs. The origin of this race, and the question 
as to what family it belongs, is, I think, worthy of discussion. 

Previous to the occupation of Aden by the British, Europeans 
had very little intercourse with the Somali, and very little was 
known concerning them. No European traveller had ever pene- 
trated into their country, and to this day the greater portion of 
it remains unvisited 

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Project Economics 101

Economics is the study of how individuals, governments, businesses and other organizations make choices that effect the allocation and distribution of scarce resources. There are two general areas of economics – microeconomics and macroeconomics.

Dhaqaalaha: waa barshada sida daw'laduhu ama Gancasiga waaweeyen iyo hayaddaha kala duwani ee aduunka, ay u Raadiyaan dhaqaale una kala qaybiyaan hanti aan aad u badnayan.

Let's all learn and Understand how the moderan economics works and applyed.

Will discuss every week one topic and learn about it. This week the topic will be economis 101, take charge of the economic of your country, understand how your government economy works and perhabs improve your own finaince as well.

Introduction to Economics

Economics Basics

Lessons are organised and very simple to understand the basic concept of Economic.

  1. Read more learn about Economics Economic Basic By Reem Heakal

Two Young Somalilanders in Hargeisa Streets on the May 18 celebration.
Two Young Somalilanders in Hargeisa Streets on the May 18 celebration.

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Project Corruption Elimination

  • What is corruption?
  • How do you fight corruption?
  • The Cause of Corruptions?
  • What is a Somali Style Corruption?
  • Who is the Most corrupted government in Somaliland?
  • Who are the Most corrupt politician in Somaliland?
  • Who are the most corrupt ministers in Somaliland?
  • Who to trust in Somaliland?

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