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Somaliland Constitution 1960

Hargeisa Airport Masij. - Mosque - Masaajidka Eerbordhka - HARGEISA 2015
Hargeisa Airport Masij. – Mosque – Masaajidka Eerbordhka – HARGEISA 2015

The Republic of Somaliland was the separate country of British Somaliland, with clear internationally delineated boundaries until 26 June 1960 when it became the independent State of Somaliland.   Of the 18 African countries which became independent in 1960, Somaliland was the fourth country in that year and was welcomed by many countries.  It had a Constitution of its own, a government, and an elected legislature and a judiciary.   Somalia (former Italian trusteeship) was the seventh African country to become independent that year (with Madagascar and the Democratic Republic of Congo receiving their independence in between).

Read The 1960 Somaliland Constitution  at Source: Somaliland Constitution 1960

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