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Somaliland Power and Greed

This is  a story about power, greed and dreams and hope that have been shuttered, it’s a story about a young nation that have been hijacked by few. Read between the lines to understand where this story will take us. The fight for power between the Issaq clan will eventually destroy the existent of Somaliland and it will be the demise of the hope and vision of many patriots whom are disappointed with their governments and our so called leaders.

The Somaliland model of government might be the cause of the root of the problem. If the government ignore the law and pretend all to be dandy and the future is fine. Consistently replacing and firing misters under the current government changes are announced 2 am in the morning. There is always a ceremony in some hotel,  again spending  public money on a ceremony which the fired minister and the new minister to exchange power in that process they will spend 3000 USD on each ceremony held, They could do all that without spending any public money by using the  ministry building  or Hargeisa Club.

Col Muuse Biixi the chairman of Kulmiye part and a large entourage that travel to City of Lascaanod in Sool region, on the behave of Somaliland Government Col biixi awarded 40,000 USD to the Drought victims in Sool region which is a great cause to help the thousands of families which the effected by severe drought which took all their livelihood. The colonel stopped short to continue all the way to Sanaag region which in facts has been hit by severe drought for the last 3 years. Colonel understood that the eastern regions has more population than the west regions and in election times you need all the help you can get from the eastern regions of Somaliland.

The colonel is campaigning on the expenses of the tax payers or public money which is illegal but the colonel ignore the law and breaking elections  campaigning many times. recently the colonel and the kulmiye party accused Cirro by meeting with the Federal Government of Somalia, ” They the Wadani Party committed a treason by talking with Somalia government without the consent of the government, Chairman of Wadani have to explain himself in court by meeting or talking with Somalia Government”

Meanwhile the Waadani party said that this accusations are baseless and it’s a propaganda from Kulmiye party to distract the public from the real treat that is facing the Nation which is electing the colonel Biix for the Presidency. Talking with Somalia is not a bad thing if it’s in your interest which obtain recognition, Talking with Somalia is a must if you want to annex from Somali. The biggest obstacle that is abiding the recognition is not talking and negotiating with Somalia face to face and figure out the cause of problem.

It’s getting interesting and the colonel is gaining points and supporters as I predicted before that the divide and conquer strategy is working the colonel Muusa Biixi is gaining supporters  by the minutes from UCID party which is collapsed and disintegrated to party run by a mad man, so you see Muuse Biixi will be the 5th president of Somaliland and that is the prediction, don’t expect a fair and free elections. By any means necessary the chairman of Kulmiye is eyeing on sitting on the throne and he will.

Muuse Bihi is the Chairman of Kulmiye Party and the candidate of the presidency, he is veteran of SNM the Somali National Movement.


Part two will be coming soon.


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