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Somaliland: Power to the Poor People of Somaliland

Somaliland Independent day Celebration for May,18 Day
Somaliland Independent day Celebration for May,18 Day

By Mohamed Ghalib Musa

A popular variation of the slogan is “Power to the Poor People!” the slogan to express the need for poor people to control their own movements rather than have wealthy donors or NGOs control or speak for them.

In Somaliland it’s everyday norm to fight social injustice, corruption miss use of power by the government officials and other institutions, we all know that no one should be above the law, everyone should be accountable for their action starting at the top the commander in chief.

It seems in Somaliland the government system is Kleptocracy now, the definition means that the government exists to increase the personal wealth and political power of its officials and the ruling class at the expense of the wider population.

Generally Kleptocracy is associated of corrupt forms of autocratic and nepotism in a government in which no independent watch dog in oversight is possible, due to the ability of the kleptocrat(s) to personally control both the supply of public funds and the means of determining their disbursal

The common local Somalilanders are unaware how deep the Political corruption is spread in every sector but many people figure it out and now noticing this disease that infected this young nation.

Most people assume that nepotism and favoritism is how the system work and by taking action will fall on deaf ear or it will affect their own interest by speaking out. The biggest treat to Somaliland existence is corruptions and tribalism unless we the people of Somaliland take action and find cure for both diseases from our mist we will face the demise of our nation. This will require all of us working together on common goal.

The problem in our society today is lack of awareness campaign that can be accomplished throughout the media and advertising to educating the masses on their constitution rights and corruption is a disease that will destroy everything we stand for

2010 Silanyo was elected and the country was joeys and in good hands, after all who is more capable of leading the country other than the chairman of the SNM himself and a graduate of University of Manchester, where he earned both a Bachelor’s Degree (1960-63) and a Master’s Degree (1960–63) in Economics. I wasn’t worried anymore for my beloved country, I thought that we elected the right man, that will lead us to a prospers future economically and socially, but the last five years economically, politically and socially this country is in a sham, tribalism, corruptions, nepotism, favoritism, miss management of public fund and abuse of power are in highest stages. In every sector you analyze, Education, Judicial system, Health care including the private sector are all effected by this decease called corruptions. We are a broken nation that need fixing.

The moral of the majority of Somalilanders is very low and some are even ashamed of calling themselves Somalilanders.

Now it’s 2016 Silanyo administration is not the first administration that is corrupted but the most corrupted administration. If your government is corrupt than everything else will be infected by this disease. This current government lost every bit of credibility that it has with the people of Somaliland. The last five years of Kulmiye’s rule, millions of public funds were lost to embezzlement.

Now we are getting ready for the biometric registration of the citizen and establishing voter registration database for the upcoming Presidential election and the member of the house of the representative. if our government is corrupt how will you trust them to establish voter registration database that is not rigged. This administration will do anything to hold on power by any means necessary.

Our economy is based on monopoly system. Let me explain the meaning of monopoly, it’s a situation in which a single company or group owns all or nearly all of the market for a given type of product or service. By definition, monopoly is characterized by an absence of competition, which often results in high prices and inferior products. This is what’s happening now in Somaliland, the sad truth is our elected officials are aware of this condition and high inflations rate that it caused.

This system just doesn’t work when there is only one provider of a good or service because there is no incentive to improve it to meet the demands of consumers. Governments attempt to prevent monopolies from arising through the use of antitrust laws.

The antitrust laws in Somaliland doesn’t work there are illegal practices such us price-fixing conspiracies, corporate mergers likely to reduce the competitive vigor of particular markets for example the merger of the electricity companies in Somaliland designed to achieve or maintain monopoly power.

The antitrust law suppose to apply to virtually all industries and to every level of business, including manufacturing, transportation, distribution, and marketing. They prohibit a variety of practices that restrain trade.

The central bank officials are corrupted and have been appointed by the administration, they benefit from the satiation by working with private brokers, dealing with exchange of the US dollar.

The central bank of Somaliland purpose is to find the source of the inflations, but the sadly the Governor and the Director of the bank are benefiting from the situation. Most of the high ranking officials at the central bank are partners with a group of private brokers that manipulate the exchange rate for their own interest. For instance in Somaliland the economy is not a free enterprise it’s favor only few wealthy people whom are associate with the ruling class.

The country today is one of the poorest country in the world and yet has the highest commodities price’s in Africa, price hiking is normal whether you like it or not

The economy of Somaliland is control by the wealthy one 1% that funds the political parties of this country I called them the bloodsuckers of the generation, they contribute very little to the community they will give little and would take everything. We live in a time where the strongest only will survive,  and yet we are all waving the flag and cheering that everything is ok, it’s a broken system that take advantage of the poor and the vulnerable. Commodity are to the roof price gouging is common and it’s a well known facts that the business in Somaliland is unfair game and the system need a complete over whole.

The bank doesn’t control the foreign currency neither the government make a use of the hard currency that is circulating, the exchange rate is not regulated, it’s control by few tugs that work with the central bank of Somaliland, there is no law that will say you have to declare your foreign currency when you enter into Somaliland, all you require is pay a fee on arrival for visa processing and you are in to the country.

You will have no trouble exchanging your foreign currency anywhere even with better exchange than the central bank of Somaliland. You probably asking yourself why our government is wasting this potential revenue. not because they are unaware but to keep their pockets full it’s beyond any one’s comprehension.

We should promote the Somaliland Shilling because it’s the official currency of the land and it will eliminate the confusion of the exchange and the same time will eliminate the middle man. We should be encourage to use our own money, this is not the US of A.

The law makers to pass a bill that will make it illegal with a severe penalty for anyone to deal or accept foreign currency locally and instruct the citizen and the visitors to exchange their currency the legal way at the central bank Somaliland. This will generate desperately need cash follow for the government.

In 2005 We elected 82 members of parliament to protect us from the government abuse and for the betterment of the every citizen life’s but I am sorry to say that it seems we elected Ali Papa and the 81 thieves, believe what you want but those 82 mp’s some of them are the most corrupted members of parliament, they will cooperate with the devil for their own interest by excepting the highest bidder’s bribe. For almost a decade those corrupted members of parliament never passed one single bill that is effective to benefits the country and the public.

The House of Representatives passed Law No: 38/2007 to combat against

corruption and its influence in both public and private sector. ironically The Government of Somaliland also established the a new Commission for Good Management and Anti Corruption, bearing in mind that the one that committing the crime is in charge.

The House of Representative also have a separate Committee to address and oversight corruption practices in Somaliland, for this reason the Cabinet of Ministers passed a new law to establish an independent Commission for Good Governance and Ant Corruption.

Ok that is enough of bullshit, passing a law and establishment of committee it’s all good but who the hell is enforcing it.

It’s a waste of public funds and insult to our intelligent, this is like all the bogus seminars that is held by the government and NGO’s mafia waste the public money every single day at either Mansoor Hotel or Ambassador hotel. Somalilanders straggling daily basis to feed them self and their families, getting denied basic health care if they don’t bay first. If I try mention all the abuse and waste of public funds that goes on in Somaliland I will never be able to finish this article.


The question is How do you combat a disease that crippled and spread to the whole body?


By Mohamed Ghalib Musa





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