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Wadani party opposes granting of military base to UAE in Berbera

The WADDANI Party after, serious deliberations on the decision of the Somaliland Government to grant a military base to UAE at Berbera, comes to the conclusion that it is not the best interest of Somaliland and therefore rejects it. The base will encompass a 4.14 Km airport, the longest in ...

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Somaliland Power and Greed

This is  a story about power, greed and dreams and hope that have been shuttered, it’s a story about a young nation that have been hijacked by few. Read between the lines to understand where this story will take us. The fight for power between the Issaq clan will eventually ...

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Muuse Biixi oo Sheegay In Waddani Qaranka Khiyaameeyay – YouTube

Muuse biixi ooo ku eedayay Xisbiga Wadani iyo Hogaamiyaha xisbiga Mucaaridka oo shir kula yeeshay Dawlada Somalia oo wadahadal sir ah ka wada hadalay, Markii ugu horeesay ee Xisbi qaran la yeesho Dawlada Fedralka Somalia. Kulankan oo ka dhacay Magaladda Naroobi Kenya.

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